CLIQ Solution

CLIQ Solution Benefits

  • Add Access Control Anywhere — available in multiple format  cylinders and padlocks — CLIQ delivers access control wherever you need it
  • Easy to Deploy — designed for simplicity and flexibility, CLIQ is a wire-free solution and doesn’t require any special site preparation
  • Simple to Install — wire-free, CLIQ can be installed hassle-free anywhere
  • Cost Effective — securely repurpose cylinders and keys. Additionally, CLIQ can also integrate with mechanical systems
  • Scalable to Any-sized Environment — CLIQ's simple wire-free design can scale to any size as you add more access points
  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Learn Software — CLIQ is easy-to-program and easy-to-operate
  • Remote Management — change access rights, enable and disable keys, customize access schedules right from your computer


  • Improved site security and reduces theft
    • no need to replace padlocks and locks due to the possibility of key duplication , reducing costs
    • Provides an audit trail for all sites and all access
    • Allows for remote access rights from on central office or on the go
    • All access rights and transfer of data are encrypted
    • Real-time visualisation of access system on web-based system, shows current access, overall access rights by lock, status of lock (unlocked / locked)
    • Even in no-mobile access areas, keys have a memory and can hold the access audit trail
    • Maximum security via aligning mobile phone, key and pin-code - ensures keys cannot be given away, and reduces risk of access via mobile phone theft
    • Cliq provides sequential locking – where 2-person access is required (e.g. casino, nuclear, cash in transit, ATM access)
  • Improved Health and Safety
    • Traceability of workforce via access
    • Restricted access to dangerous zones or equipment
  • Saves time
    • by allowing operations and technical support access to remote sites without first having to fetch a key 
    • Easy and cost effective installation – no requirements for high tech locks or technicians, programmable from an office in a central location, and is fully wireless
    • Real-time provision of access rights (less than 25 seconds) to provide access via mobile phone app and cloud)
    • All sites can be accessed by one key, with access granted as necessary
    • Web-based system allows logging on from anywhere in the world
    • Access right updating can be automated to specific pre-existing schedules
  • Integration to other systems
    • integrates to existing systems, for example, job card systems can automatically provide access rights to the relevant site, and as job is closed access rights are instantly removed
  • Saves costs
    • Reduces the number of keys necessary for multiple access sites
    • Cliq keys can operate Cliq electromechanical locks as well as mechanical locks with a master key system allowing for upgrade to electromechanical solution over period of time
    • Reduces remote site downtime
    • Reduces maintenance costs by allowing better management and provision of access rights to subcontractors
    • Allows more effective maintenance routing through flexible on-time access rights
    • Mechanical padlocks and cylinders can be upgraded to Cliq Connect padlocks

Download the CLIQ® Connect Environmental Friendly Checker