New ASSA ABLOY patented cylinder – the key to uncompromised security

ASSA ABLOY South Africa is proud to introduce its brand new patented high-security cylinder, the unique CY110 which is also the first cylinder that carries the prestigious ASSA ABLOY brand name!

Developed in-group at ASSA ABLOY’s Centre of Excellence for cylinders in  Rychnov, Czech Republic, the new CY110 combines high-security state-of-the-art patented dimple technology with proven pin-tumbler design.  The cylinders are pinned and assembled locally in the manufacturing facility in Roodepoort.

Hayley Elwen, ASSA ABLOY Business Development Manager: Africa and Middle East, explains that fundamental to the CY110’s high-security factor is the patented design owned by ASSA ABLOY (patent pending until 2036). “It is virtually impossible to duplicate or copy the key as each key and cylinder is exclusive and has a specific security card and code without which, a key cannot be copied  The card and pin code  along with the full master key system, is registered with ASSA ABLOY who will work hand in hand with specific authorised locksmiths for ongoing service and expansion of master key systems and key cutting.”

Elwen adds that only the authorised dealers have the correct cutting tools to be able to fabricate duplicate keys. “The user has to present the card and pin code to the dealer who will obtain verification from ASSA ABLOY. We keep a record of the relevant pin codes and master key systems, and can support locksmiths in expanding any systems ordered.”

The cutting-edge safety design which includes a complex keyway shape gives the CY110 good master key capabilities and can be used on virtually any master key system. Compared to a 5 pin cylinder where  a limited number of key differs per master key suite is  available, the unique design of the CY110 eliminates the risk of duplication and ‘ghosting’ i.e. one key opening more than one door in a large facility. “It may not be known which doors share a common key which can lead to a serious security breach,” adds Elwen.                                                                               

The CY110 features patent protection and certified security to the toughest requirements of EN 1303:2015; the CY110 passed a 500 000 cycle durability test and the cylinder’s 240 hours corrosion resistance far exceeds the standard 96 hours.

The smooth-edged symmetrical faces of the CY110 cylinder and the user-friendly reversible key design ensure smooth operation as the key can be inserted into the cylinder either way up. The strong, easy-to-hold key is an all-new stylish Italian design crafted in contemporary high quality lasting nickel silver with a satin-nickel finish.

The CY110 is available in three variants – a double cylinder (with optional emergency cam for single point locks allowing the cylinder to be utilised from either side even when the key is in the lock), a single cylinder (with an optional adjustable multi-position cam), and a key and turn double cylinder with matching thumb turn and body finish.

The new cylinder owes its anti-pick, anti-drilling (5 minutes), anti-bump and anti-pull (15kN pulling resistance) properties to its unique, cutting edge design.

The new cylinder is a simple yet sophisticated solution from ASSA ABLOY in answer to customers who have been asking for a well-priced product that provides good security and  peace of mind. The unit is well positioned from a pricing point of view slotting perfectly between the company’s famous brand top end and value cylinder ranges. While the new cylinder is ideal for commercial applications, Elwen predicts an increase in residential use due to the unit’s affordability. “The versatile CY110 will improve the security of any building or facility – from education, leisure and healthcare to corporate offices, small businesses and homes,” concludes Elwen.

The CY110 is one of more than 250 products which have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) across the Group. Committed to reducing its carbon footprint, ASSA ABLOY has been a participant in the EPD programme since 2008. An EPD is a complete mapping of a product’s environmental footprint based on a detailed LCA (Lifecycle Assessment), independently verified by an accredited 3rd party. EPDs are based on the ISO14025 and EN15804 and EPD products can contribute credits towards green building certification and help reduce a building's environmental impact.