How to choose the right padlock?

You need that padlock on your front gate to be secure enough to keep you and your valuables safe from intruders. We have some tips for you that will come in handy the next time you need to choose the right padlock for your security needs.

Not all padlocks are equal. The material, shape and size of the padlock will determine the durability and level of safety that the padlock offers. Below are some of the pointers;

1. The value of the items you want to keep locked

If the items are highly valuable and at risk of being stolen you might want to consider a high security padlock. The MTL G Series range of padlocks will have an extra strength shackle and features like anti-pick and anti-bump. There are also padlocks that can notify you when it is opened or on the move like the Mul-T-Lock WatchLock®, this lock has all the safety features as well as GPS notifications in the form of SMS and or e-mail to inform you of its location.

Mul-t-lock Watch Lock

2. Will the padlock be inside or outside?

If the padlock will be situated on the outside of your property, this means you need improved security, and the material that the body of the padlock is made out of matters. A brass or hardened steel padlock with a hardened shackle is your best bet, for example, you could use the Yale 63mm hardened steel padlock.

Yale Padlock

3. Is the material weather resistant?

For outdoor and coastal use, padlocks that are weather resistant are very important as they offer protection form corrosion. Padlocks made from brass, stainless steel or laminated steel are weather resistant. An alternative option is a padlock that is fitted with a weather resistant jacket like the 40mm laminated steel padlock from UNION. 

Union Laminated Steel Padlock

4. The shape of the shackle

A shackle is the “U” shaped metal loop that secures your padlock. The shape of your shackle also plays a role in the padlock’s level of security.  For high value items and outdoor areas, a padlock with a closed shackle is most suited for the job. A closed shackle padlock is built with less shackle exposure, giving less space for intruders to cut open the shackle. A discus padlock, like the 70mm Discus Padlock from Yale, or an insurance padlock is ideal. But remember, if you will be securing two chains together, or a gate with a wide gap, the shackle length needs to be long enough for both sides to fit. Also, the thicker the shackle the better but be sure to measure the diameter on the hole where the shackle is to be inserted against the size of your padlock to ensure that it fits.

Yale Discus Padlock

If you have any questions about padlocks, contact the ASSA ABLOY Customer service team and they can advise you, on