Electromechanical and Electronic Locks

We have various Electro Mechanical locking solutions witch are a reliable addition to the lock and door strike and are used to fulfill special requirements, e.g. special doors (e.g. swing or sliding doors), where they are often employed as an additional mechanism.

The locking state of door bolts with integrated monitoring contact can be monitored so that e.g. a plant can only start when the relevant door is securely locked.

Aligned to the special security requirements, a wide range of different technologies, devices and systems is available. ASSA ABLOY access control systems fulfil the special requirements of our customers and are employed in private, official and industrial sectors.
Whether a strong room, development department or laboratory, there are certain zones that are ‘a question of locking’ and simply because attacks on property are increasing from year to year. ASSA ABLOY access control systems effectively control the access of authorized persons to protected zones without unnecessary obstruction in the form of complicated methods and annoying rattling of keys

Electric strikes
With an electric strike, a door can be unlocked by simply pressing a button without actually having to touch the door. EffEff electric strikes offer a high degree of security and comfort. Our wide range meets all requirements and provides the right strike for every type of installation. This applies worldwide as EffEff not only complies with national rules and regulations but also with international ones.
Special requirements should not be a problem: As far as special and security strikes are concerned, ASSA ABLOY has convincing solutions. Our wide range for particularly high security requirements complies with all legal regulations and provides high quality solutions for fire-retardant doors and escape doors. EffEff also has the matching product for special applications, e.g. door interlock control, clean room doors and external use.