ASSA ABLOY offers a wide range of cylinder systems that provide patent protected key control to prevent the unauthorised duplication of keys. Each high quality system offers the flexibility to provide a solution for applications of all sizes; from small commercial premises with just a few users right through to large utilities requiring complex master key systems with many hundreds of users nationwide.

Patented vs non-patented cylinders

Patented cylinders offer added security to any commercial or residential building. Patented cylinders are supplied with a security card with unique security code, and only authorised partners are able to duplicate keys.

Keys for non-patneted cylinders can be duplicated by any locksmith or hardware that has the required key cutting machine.

Reversible vs Sawn Keys

Traditional cylinders are provided with a sawn key which are identified by a single flat side and unique profile on the opposite edge. Sawn keys can only be inserted in one specific direction.

Reversible keys are offer a user-friendly alternative to the traditional sawn key. A reversible key can be inserted into a cylinder in any direction making for ease of use. 

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